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A farewell to Boston

This has been an incredibly challenging post to write.  Nobody does goodbyes well. Some of you may have noticed that this past Monday did not feature a regularly scheduled someecard post.  You may also have noticed that the header on … Continue reading

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So we were talking to this hooker in Amsterdam… … as one does?

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To the residents of Boston – who will definitely understand this given the terrible winter the MBTA has suffered through. Finally the trains are running on time, and I kind of get Mussolini’s appeal

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out of office email

Justgngr will be spending the week at the beach – Myrtle Beach, SC and Provincetown, Massachusetts to be exact.  Hope the rest of you aren’t working too hard.

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Where do we come from?

Whether or not Americans think so, the United States is still the land of opportunity.  More than 40 million immigrants, the US is still the top destination in the world for people moving from one country to another. The Pew … Continue reading

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Boston(s) Photo Project

A few weeks ago, friend and fellow blogger BosGuy and I were meandering about United South End Artists Open Studios event – a weekend where local artists open up their work studios to the public.  I have to say, I … Continue reading

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MBTA late night service starts tonight

Yes, I’ve gone on the record as saying that late night service on the MBTA is a horrible idea until the system is better funded.  Yes, I still contend that it’s a terrible idea, especially considering the MBTA just announced … Continue reading

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travel woes

This someecard is ironic considering I just flew Southwest yesterday.  I’m so over all this traveling for interviews.  I have no idea how people who work in business manage all the travel.

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travel pet-peeves

I previously posted that I’ve been traveling a lot for fellowship interviews and commented on some of my travel habits and was curious if anyone else has any flying rituals. Well, after traveling a lot, I’m feeling less than warm … Continue reading

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traveling to the United States

I’ve been traveling around the country a lot recently for fellowship interviews, and all that travel got me thinking about vacations.  If you’ve ever been somewhere out of the United States, you’ve likely purchased a travel guide for your destination … Continue reading

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the interview trail

You might as well rent a locker in either Atlanta or Charlotte, keep an extra suit, pair of underwear, or a tie there just in case.  You’re going to be spending a lot of time there and you very well … Continue reading

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the loss of hubs

I posted an article to Twitter recently about how United was planning to shut down its hub at Cleveland Hopkins.  I wasn’t planning to blog about it – after all, it’s not exactly health care or public health related – … Continue reading

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do you have flying rituals?

I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next few months for fellowship interviews, having flown to Charleston this past weekend.  While waiting at Logan Airport for my flight to take off, one of the segments airing … Continue reading

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late night service on the MBTA

Yes, those of us who live in Boston and actually use the MBTA for public transportation would love to see extended hours on buses and subways throughout our city.  It would be life altering. It would also be completely idiotic, … Continue reading

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Happy Columbus Day!

These are both so spot on that I had to post two someecards in honor of Christopher Columbus… who just so happened to be Italian 🙂

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I’m Stuck!

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam before?  Stranded on the tarmac waiting for your plane to take off?  Amtrak train delayed due to a breakdown? Yeah… who HASN’T been there is probably a better question.  America’s transportation infrastructure is … Continue reading

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After completing 10 surgeries that day, candlelight mass was a nice moment of relaxation and thought.  The busy operative day left little time to think and process the true magnitude of what we had just accomplished.  10 surgeries in one … Continue reading

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Operating Room – Day 1

I think it’s safe to say that when we woke up Sunday morning and headed over to the hospital to begin our surgery “clinic” – we weren’t entirely sure what to expect.  Did the patients think they were just being … Continue reading

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observations from Haiti

I can’t for the life of me remember which morning it was, but bright and early at 7am Mass, Father Rick read the gospel according to Matthew.  The passage that morning was from Matthew 6, which also includes the words … Continue reading

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I sat around Saturday at Villa Francesca feeling frustrated and defeated, and annoyed that I couldn’t be helping as much as I should be.  I mean, this is Haiti after all!  I came here with a skill, people at St … Continue reading

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