Mardis Gras Monday

A lot of people down here in New Orleans are probably hungover after yesterday’s Bacchus parade. 

We don’t need you being all enthusiastic.


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Dear Senator Cruz

this is all kinds of epic.  check out this woman’s Facebook post.

Jenny Adams

Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

I’m not sure how you got my email, since I’m a registered Democrat. But you emailed me, asking for a donation and even including a handy, $5,000 quick pay option.

In response to your request for a donation, I’d like to make a public reply.

Here goes:

I loathe our current gun laws. I want them changed for the six-year-olds gunned down in Sandy Hook as much as for the kids forced to join gangs in Englewood, Chicago just to survive.

I’m all for ANY refugees finding a new home here in America because freedom from persecution is … well … the definition of American. When you have a problem, you should build a longer dinner table, not a taller fence.

I’m not a Christian. I’m a very spiritual, spiritually-unaffiliated American. Your church is your choice, but it does not belong in any government affairs. You should be speaking at a podium. Stop making it a pulpit.

Marriage is a document, Senator. It’s a document that in Biblical times could be between an 11 year old slave child and a 67 year old man. You could also beat that 11 year old without punishment back then, too.
Today, marriage is still just a document. But love throughout the history of love’s existence has known no bounds. I support my LGBT community with all the love I have, and they should be able to do whatever they want in terms of documents, just like the rest of us. If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get gay married. No need to feel so conflicted.

It was 65 degrees yesterday … in New York City … in February. The globe is warming, Senator. It’s called Global Warming. It’s confirmed by NASA.
Maybe this will help. Let’s call it Satan punishing us for our sins and the only way to fix it is to stop polluting. Will that help you come around on this? Shit is dire.

Planned Parenthood does not sell baby brains on the black market and defunding it would create the need for more abortions, as well as send a spike in the ovarian cancer and breast cancer rates in our lower income families due to lack of early detection.

I have a vagina, Senator Cruz. You and I don’t even know each other. My vagina is not your business. I do not govern your testicular activities. Nor would I ever try if I ran for office because that would just be absurd, right?

In closing …
I’m an educated human. These things I feel are backed up by education, scientific fact, our constitution, the foundations of what our country stands for, the separation of church and state and just being a good and loving human to the other humans on the planet.

I will not give you $5,000 or even a single penny I find in the street. You haven’t earned my respect, my trust as a leader, or my vote. I say this every ounce of feeling that I have. Senator Ted Cruz … please lose my email and then the election.

Jenny Adams

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Bernie or Hillary?

I think Bernie speaks to my heart, and Hillary speaks to my head.

~Betsy Burtis, resident of Derry, NH

I think this is the conundrum as well as the guiding principle for a lot of liberal voters.  I think it also explains why Bernie is more popular with younger voters while Hillary tends to grab the older vote.

Let’s be honest – from a liberal perspective, Bernie Sanders represents the dream candidate.  Almost everything he stands for is a liberal ideal.  Sanders represents what we as liberals want out of our country and out of our government.  We want equal rights, we want to reduce income inequality, we want the little guy to have a fighting chance.  We’re tired of Wall Street running our government.

But to many, Bernie’s ideals are too pie in the sky.  Given the currently hostile Congress, a lot of Bernie’s proposals are unlikely to gain much legislative traction.  As Ms Burtis points out, Hillary speaks to progress that may actually be possible.  Ms Clinton aligns much more closely with President Obama and has continually touted the idea that as a country we need to preserve the changes that Obama has made.  Clearly, she is less liberal than Bernie, but her slightly more conservative nature does speak to rationality.

So the real question for those of you out there who haven’t yet decided – do you vote with your heart or with your mind?  And if your candidate doesn’t win the primary, will you support the other one?

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welcome February

some of you may have tried “dry January” – well congrats because it’s finally February.

for those of you who were sick and had a default dry January – hope you feel better.  oh and drink!


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If millions of people are listening, you should say something worth hearing.

~Jussie Smollett

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Monday blues…

today’s someecard is a little late but still pertinent


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Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from this brilliant man, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” It is certainly a quote I cling to during times of turmoil in our nation.  I most recently remembered it during the terror attacks in Paris.

Today, I leave you with a very different quote from Dr King – one that reminds us to be advocates, to speak up and speak out, to participate in our political process, and to not stand by silently while the world goes on around us.

In honor and remembrance…


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