All I can say is that this is pretty much 100% true… with very few exceptions.

Substitute alcohol for coffee and this also applies.

never trust anyone who doesnt drink coffee

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Give me an Oscar or Golden Globe…

The opposite of “I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.”


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It’s a long article, but David Blight writes an interesting article about how 150 years later, America is still fighting a cultural war and grappling to learn the lessons of its own Civil War.  There are parts that I found difficult to follow, but the quote below is probably the best paragraph in the entire article.

American society seems to surge forward one moment, and then in the next sink back into polarization over race and ethnicity, over the advent of the nation’s first black president, over the rights of immigrants, over religious tolerance and birthright citizenship, over reproductive freedom, over the use of basic science to understand climate change, over the extent and protection of voting rights, over civil rights based on sexual preference, and over endless and incompatible claims of “liberty” about the possession and use of firearms, taxation, environmental protection, or the right to health insurance. Perhaps above all, America is a society riven by conflict over federalism, the never-ending debate over the proper relation of federal to state power, perhaps the most lasting a legacy of what many nineteenth century Americans called the “secession war” or simply “the rebellion.” In short, despite enormous changes of heart, head and law, Americans still struggle every day to discern and enact that society of equality that the Civil War at least made imaginable.

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The second bedroom and the bottom drawer, you never open!

I could never be anyone’s sponsor… because I would just say fuck it, you can stop drinking tomorrow!

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didnt get everything done this weekend?

I feel like the following someecard is the essence of adulthood…


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Straight Outta Golden Girls

You may or may not know that the movie Straight Outta Compton is being released this Friday in theaters nationwide.  If you haven’t seen the previews or the movie posters, the following won’t make any sense to you… but I found this on the internet and nearly died laughing.  LOVE the Golden Girls.

straight outta compton golden girls

Although, I think Sophia’s should be “Straight Outta Sicily”.

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life choices…

Did you make some good life choices this weekend?


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