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Happy Thanksgiving

because wine… Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hoping that your day is surrounded by the love of friends and family.

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hungry at work?

When I was doing my general surgery residency, I used to say that I could smell chocolate and/or baked goods from a mile away… this card is totally me.

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There is no such thing as a straight man with a six pack.  Unless it’s a straight up six pack of beer.

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I’m just going to leave this here…

I posted this yesterday on Facebook but this really is the tweet of the week. But by all means – let’s complain about red cups.  *sips tea*

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War on Christmas?

Yes… the Christmas decorations and holiday music are already out there.  And we still have plenty of time until Thanksgiving.

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One of the purposes of college is [for students] to articulate stupid arguments in stupid ways and then learn, through interactions with fellow students and professors, exactly how stupid they are. ~Daniel W. Drezner, professor at Tufts University

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I can explain it to you.  I just can’t understand it for you.

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