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I know I’m late to the game, but I’m finally reading Atul Gawande’s 2002 book Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science.  I’m about a quarter of the way through the book, and it’s obvious where much of the … Continue reading

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DeVos vote

I know a lot of you are praising Senators Murkowski and Collins for voting against Betsy DeVos but bear in mind they both sat on the Senate committee and voted to move her nomination to the full Senate. They both … Continue reading

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A little post election analysis

There’s been a lot of post-election analysis on why Democrats lost.  And I’m not just talking Hillary Clinton, but also why Democrats failed to secure House, Senate, and state level positions that should have been within their reach.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Healthcare Hurdles

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about work on this blog.  I tend to not discuss work topics for a number of reasons – primarily because HIPAA makes it harder and harder to discuss situations involving patients – but … Continue reading

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Yes, we still need Pride

For every time someone has told you that you are sinning.  For every time someone told you that what you’re doing is immoral.  For every time someone told you that what you’re doing is gross or sick or unnatural. For … Continue reading

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Do We Still Need Pride?

Wayne Dhesi published the following article on Huffington Post called “Do We Still Need Pride?” a few weeks ago.  It’s a valid question; after all, President Obama just yesterday declared June “LGBT Pride Month.”  It may make us think our … Continue reading

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Bernie or Hillary?

I think Bernie speaks to my heart, and Hillary speaks to my head. ~Betsy Burtis, resident of Derry, NH I think this is the conundrum as well as the guiding principle for a lot of liberal voters.  I think it … Continue reading

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The purging of Trump

The rest of this post is in no way an endorsement of Donald Trump or his political, cultural, or social views. By now, those of you on Facebook have likely heard of the option to search for your friends who … Continue reading

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jerk of the week

It is surprisingly hard to pick only one jerk of the week, especially given the antics at the Republican Presidential Primary debate, but this one actually hails from Instagram.  Note: I have no particular affinity to Solange Knowles – I … Continue reading

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Why it’s time to stop thinking only “pink”

This year, “pinkwashing” has seemed to reach epic proportions, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief as October draws to a close.  It’s not that I don’t care about breast cancer; on the contrary.  The color pink … Continue reading

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A farewell to Boston

This has been an incredibly challenging post to write.  Nobody does goodbyes well. Some of you may have noticed that this past Monday did not feature a regularly scheduled someecard post.  You may also have noticed that the header on … Continue reading

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Haiti and the Red Cross

Listen, I’m no expert on Haiti, disaster relief, or reconstruction efforts – but since I’ve blogged about my experiences in Haiti, I felt the need to comment on two stories that surfaced yesterday. ProPublica and NPR launched a joint investigation … Continue reading

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Over the counter birth control?

The junior senator from Colorado is embarking on some rather unusual territory for a Republican – Cory Gardner is leading a new push to allow women to purchase birth control without a prescription. Interestingly, Gardner’s bill has received support from … Continue reading

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You Have Dense Breasts. Now What?

Last week, Kaiser Health News shed the light on a little known law that requires women who have undergone a routine screening mammogram to be notified if they have “dense breasts”.  Written by Barbara Feder Ostrov, the article titled “So You … Continue reading

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Government and the exam room

While the US headlines have been largely dominated by “religious freedom” laws, there have been a few states that are pushing regulations that affect patients and physicians.  Just last week, two bills were introduced – one in Arizona and one … Continue reading

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Teaching doctors empathy

One of the headline articles at The Atlantic today is How to Teach Doctors Empathy.  I’ve written about this before back when Pauline Chen at the New York Times WellBlog raised the issue, and I still contend that empathy cannot … Continue reading

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Vaccines do not pose a danger to children.  They do not cause autism. Sure, there is always a slight risk of an allergic reaction or other complication. But the risk of serious allergic reaction to the measles vaccine, according to … Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about Ebola

As a physician and a public health advocate, you would think I’d have plenty to write about the Ebola outbreak.  To be honest, the whole situation has left me rather uninspired, mainly due to the ridiculous hysteria surrounding the disease … Continue reading

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hilarious blogger

Every once in a while on slow days at work, I peruse the internet looking for newsworthy articles to blog about or the latest funny blog. Well, today I found one. It’s titled Where Am I? and it’s hilarious.  Kristin’s … Continue reading

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Prepared to play doctor?

I’m not sure how I missed the article, but one of my favorite New York Times bloggers wrote a piece in April titled “Are Med School Grads Prepared to Practice Medicine?”  I applaud Dr Pauline Chen’s attempt to discuss the … Continue reading

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