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jerk of the week

It is surprisingly hard to pick only one jerk of the week, especially given the antics at the Republican Presidential Primary debate, but this one actually hails from Instagram.  Note: I have no particular affinity to Solange Knowles – I … Continue reading

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Why it’s time to stop thinking only “pink”

This year, “pinkwashing” has seemed to reach epic proportions, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief as October draws to a close.  It’s not that I don’t care about breast cancer; on the contrary.  The color pink … Continue reading

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A farewell to Boston

This has been an incredibly challenging post to write.  Nobody does goodbyes well. Some of you may have noticed that this past Monday did not feature a regularly scheduled someecard post.  You may also have noticed that the header on … Continue reading

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Haiti and the Red Cross

Listen, I’m no expert on Haiti, disaster relief, or reconstruction efforts – but since I’ve blogged about my experiences in Haiti, I felt the need to comment on two stories that surfaced yesterday. ProPublica and NPR launched a joint investigation … Continue reading

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Over the counter birth control?

The junior senator from Colorado is embarking on some rather unusual territory for a Republican – Cory Gardner is leading a new push to allow women to purchase birth control without a prescription. Interestingly, Gardner’s bill has received support from … Continue reading

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You Have Dense Breasts. Now What?

Last week, Kaiser Health News shed the light on a little known law that requires women who have undergone a routine screening mammogram to be notified if they have “dense breasts”.  Written by Barbara Feder Ostrov, the article titled “So You … Continue reading

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Government and the exam room

While the US headlines have been largely dominated by “religious freedom” laws, there have been a few states that are pushing regulations that affect patients and physicians.  Just last week, two bills were introduced – one in Arizona and one … Continue reading

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