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tweet of the week

This tweet pretty much captures my thoughts on many days – that’s why it’s perfect.

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Freedom of Speech

I’ve commented before about how people don’t quite understand the First Amendment and the freedom of speech – see my post about Duck Dynasty from 2013. Many thanks to my friend Colleen for posting this little graphic on Facebook the … Continue reading

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Can’t say I’ve ever had a patient do this before… thank god… Many thanks to BosGuy for this someecard

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Remembering Oliver Sacks

Every so often, someone well known passes away and collectively we think “wow, the world lost a really important voice today.” The most recent losses that conjure that feeling, for me at least, were Robin Williams and Maya Angelou – … Continue reading

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One day you’ve got this fully developed life, and the next day, nothing. You had to rethink everything about your existence. Our lives were ordered before. Then it was utter chaos. Trying to make sense of the chaos was comforting. … Continue reading

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All I can say is that this is pretty much 100% true… with very few exceptions. Substitute alcohol for coffee and this also applies.

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Give me an Oscar or Golden Globe…

The opposite of “I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.”

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