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National Wine Day

As Kathy Griffin’s mom would say… “tip it!”

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lunch time cravings?

Just dont spend it all in one spot!

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computer problems?

I don’t work in an office cubical setting and can honestly say that as a physician, those couple of minutes it takes for the computer to boot are excruciatingly long… but to each their own.

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there really is no comment necessary for this one

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North Carolina HB2

In case you missed it, a major civil rights battle heated up yesterday. Earlier last week, the Justice Department issued a statement that North Carolina’s HB2 – the so called “bathroom law” the requires people to use the bathroom that … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day

I hope all the moms out there are having a great Mothers Day surrounded by the love of their families.

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It Doesn’t Matter

This is one of those posts that I look forward to writing! Watchout! Designs is a brand of unique watches, apparel, and accessories designed for men, women and children by Boston-based designer (and friend) James Bishai.  In addition to this … Continue reading

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