travel pet-peeves

I previously posted that I’ve been traveling a lot for fellowship interviews and commented on some of my travel habits and was curious if anyone else has any flying rituals.

Well, after traveling a lot, I’m feeling less than warm and fuzzy toward my fellow travelers and am now on to the things that drive me absolutely crazy.

  1. People slowly walking in the airport.  Um… hello!?  It’s an airport; people have places to go!
  2. The security line – the TSA doesn’t actually bother me at all.  Frankly if they are keeping me safe, I’m all for whatever you need to do.  What drives me crazy are the people in the security line who don’t realize they have to take their laptop and toiletries out and their shoes off.  All of which means that the security line takes long.
  3. The confused look on people’s faces as they try to find their seats.  Um… the seats are in numeric order…
  4. Passengers who put their coats in the overhead bin… immediately after the flight attendants ask passengers NOT to put their coats in overheard bins.
  5. Having to check your carry on baggage at the gate, and then discovering there is ample room in the overhead bins.

I’m sure there are more.  Feel free to chime in!


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the ramblings of a medical professional by day, judgmental ginger by night
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One Response to travel pet-peeves

  1. Lindsay says:

    The cattle-call line at Southwest and the people who might have a panic attack if their #48 is not in front of your lowly #49. We’re all getting on the plane, people!

    Flight attendants who think they are comedians. Just because 1 middle-aged lady from rural nebraska laughed does not mean you’re funny. Please stop.

    Similarly, do I really need to be reminded of how to put on a seat-belt? I realize I shouldn’t be listening to headphones, reading my ipad, etc however if i don’t know how to operate a seat belt in 2014 I think I have bigger issues.

    To the parent of the child who yells “we are all going to die” upon landing then laughs (this has happened on 3 separate occasions), if you don’t discipline I will. Little asshole.

    To the people who stand up in the aisle as soon as we get to gate: You’re in row 38. Its going to be awhile. Why? Because the idiots up ahead of us are still somehow confused on procedure here. But please sit down. Everytime you rotate your ass or crotch is at eye level and those high waisted jeans are doing you no favors.

    People who stand on escalators right in the middle of the step or in the middle of the moving walkway. Start walking lazy ass! We are all in a hurry and these devices are intended to speed up the process!

    No I don’t want to talk to you on the plane. Don’t care where youre from, where you’re going, what you do. I don’t want to make small banter about the other passengers or flight crew. I literally want to act like you’re not there. Perhaps this wasnt well conveyed by my passive headphones and perma-snarl.

    If you are handicapped enough to need a wheelchair to get on the plane, you sure as hell better need one to get off. Hear that, Helen?

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