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welcome February

some of you may have tried “dry January” – well congrats because it’s finally February. for those of you who were sick and had a default dry January – hope you feel better.  oh and drink!   

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Are you talking to me?

This picture definitely made the rounds and would have been much more appropriate on Monday… too bad I missed it!

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Happy Halloween!

Haha… this is totally me. I probably wont have a costume because well… I don’t love Halloween.  #sorrynotsorry

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hahaha… too funny.  Happy Friday!

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Democractic Presidential Primary Drinking Game

The good people over at TIME provided this one – gotta give them some credit for being funny and realizing that the Democratic debate wont be nearly as entertaining as the Republicans have been thus far… Raise a glass and … Continue reading

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All I can say is that this is pretty much 100% true… with very few exceptions. Substitute alcohol for coffee and this also applies.

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The second bedroom and the bottom drawer, you never open! I could never be anyone’s sponsor… because I would just say fuck it, you can stop drinking tomorrow!

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