traveling to the United States

I’ve been traveling around the country a lot recently for fellowship interviews, and all that travel got me thinking about vacations.  If you’ve ever been somewhere out of the United States, you’ve likely purchased a travel guide for your destination – something like Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, or Rick Steeves.

If you’ve ever read these guides, you’ve no doubt noticed that they often warn Americans about some particular local customs, or to be “wary of pick pockets” even in the safest of European cities.

I’ve always wondered what a guide to the United States would say written from the perspective of a foreigner.  Well… I saw this on a friend’s Facebook timeline and I got a chuckle.

Here you go folks.  11 French Tips for Visiting America. I think #11 might be my favorite.


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One Response to traveling to the United States

  1. JMG says:

    I like #1. If I had a nickel for every time someone complimented the curve of my muscles, I’d have a whole lot of nickels.

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