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Life in the ER

For those of you who work in hospitals, and particularly those of you who have any interaction with the Emergency Room, you’ll definitely approve of this tumblr.  Titled “Emergency Room Gays” – it’s a sassy and sarcastic take on common … Continue reading

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Vaccines do not pose a danger to children.  They do not cause autism. Sure, there is always a slight risk of an allergic reaction or other complication. But the risk of serious allergic reaction to the measles vaccine, according to … Continue reading

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Thou must vaccinate thy children

Ok… so the Bible doesn’t actually say that (for obvious reasons), but I’d be remiss to not point out the current measles outbreak that is largely centered from a cluster at Disneyland in California.  I wont go into a diatribe … Continue reading

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Medicare: at a glance

Considering the reasons that Medicare was created, the opposition to its creation, and the continued funding battles that are fought over it in the halls of Congress, Medicare has accomplished quite a lot since its inception.  See the graphic from … Continue reading

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Who gets to decide on forgoing treatment?

When the Affordable Care Act was still being debated in the halls of Washington DC, there was concerns raised by some over so called “death panels” and rationing of health care (see Sarah Palin circa 2009).  Concerns were raised by … Continue reading

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Sometimes being a physician provides ample opportunity for ridiculous overheards.  Kind of like this one… You have to get ahead of it with the drugs!

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a change for blood donation

In a surprise move, the Food and Drug Administration announced today that the agency plans to lift its lifetime ban on the donation of blood and product products by men who have sex with other men.  The proposed change?  To … Continue reading

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