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Shop around much?

Pregnant or thinking about having a baby? Wish there was a Consumer Reports type of website where you could find the best doctor for the best price? Well… if you live in California, you might be in luck.  Back in … Continue reading

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Why it’s time to stop thinking only “pink”

This year, “pinkwashing” has seemed to reach epic proportions, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief as October draws to a close.  It’s not that I don’t care about breast cancer; on the contrary.  The color pink … Continue reading

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A nurse, a stethoscope, and The View

If there’s one thing I learned during medical school and residency, it was this – don’t piss off the nurses.  Why? Because hell hath no fury like a nurse scorned. Which has become abundantly clear this past week as nurses … Continue reading

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PrEP – the beginning of the end of the HIV era?

In case you missed it, a recently released study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases is making huge news in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Jonathan Volk’s group at Kaiser Permanente in California followed a group of outpatients who began taking … Continue reading

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Can’t say I’ve ever had a patient do this before… thank god… Many thanks to BosGuy for this someecard

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Remembering Oliver Sacks

Every so often, someone well known passes away and collectively we think “wow, the world lost a really important voice today.” The most recent losses that conjure that feeling, for me at least, were Robin Williams and Maya Angelou – … Continue reading

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airplane hospitals versus car crash hospitals

Whenever a plane crashes, whether by mechanical failure or operator air, airlines and regulatory bodies immediately assume something went wrong — something that needs to be fixed on every plane that will ever fly again. The reaction to fatal plane … Continue reading

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