the best thing since…

We’ve all heard the phrase “the best thing since sliced bread”.  Well it turns out that actress, author, producer and all around funny lady Betty White is older than sliced bread.  Yup… let that sink in for a minute.

betty white sliced bread

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Life in the ER

For those of you who work in hospitals, and particularly those of you who have any interaction with the Emergency Room, you’ll definitely approve of this tumblr.  Titled “Emergency Room Gays” – it’s a sassy and sarcastic take on common situations in the ER.

For your enjoyment… of course.

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To the residents of Boston – who will definitely understand this given the terrible winter the MBTA has suffered through.

Finally the trains are running on time, and I kind of get Mussolini’s appeal

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I’m headed out of town this week… and this is definitely how I feel about “work issues” while away.


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Happy President’s Day

There’s nothing quite like a day off dedicated to our country’s Presidents to remind you that you are in fact overworked and underpaid – especially when George Washington is the only President you see on your money.


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So far this winter, Boston has received 95.7 inches of snow – achieved in only 4 weeks – making it the 3rd snowiest winter on record in the Hub.  It’s also the most snow the city has seen in the month of February on modern record… and it’s only the 15th.

I think this picture totally applies.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m personally of the group of people who feel that Valentine’s Day is merely a holiday conjured up by Hershey’s and Hallmark to make you to spend money on chocolate and cards because Christmas is long gone and Easter is still too far away.  Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely merits to saying “I love you” because we clearly don’t say it enough.  But the commercial charade that has become Valentine’s Day is ludicrous.  Therefore, it’s only appropriate to post ridiculous someecards.

And no – I’m neither single nor bitter, in case you were wondering.

emoji-love-flirt-emoticon-valenetines-day-ecards-someecards i-love-alcohol-funny-ecard-0qw wKLdgyworkweek-end-friday-love-valentines-day-ecards-someecards

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