Same-sex marriage in Taiwan

While my heart sank this week reading about two men in Indonesia being publicly beaten, I was pleasantly surprised to read the news yesterday that not too far away on another Pacific island, Taiwan’s highest court ruled that same-sex marriage bans violate that country’s constitution.

According to judges on the Constitutional Court, sexual orientation is an “immutable characteristic that is resistant to change.”

The justices called sexual orientation an “immutable characteristic that is resistant to change” and that marriage bans violate their personal freedom and equal protection.  The court directed Taiwan’s government to change its marriage laws within two years.  If the change does not occur within that time, same-sex couples will be allowed to register to marry and obtained the status of “a legally recognized couple.”

Taiwan’s president has already asked for the creation of legal framework to comply with the court’s decision.

The court also said that when same-sex couples create “a permanent union of intimate and exclusive nature for the committed purpose of managing a life together,” they’re not affecting the rights of people in a heterosexual marriage.

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Celebrate National Wine Day…



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almost summer

Memorial Day is coming up which marks the unofficial start of summer… but it’s already getting warm out there!

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The wage of the nation

Just some food for thought…

Also, in case you were wondering, to be eligible for Medicaid according to the Affordable Care Act, individuals have to make less than $16,040 in a year.  For someone working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, that turns out to be $7.71.


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when you start getting hangry…

Seriously sometimes the struggle is real

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Happy Mothers Day!

I mean – do you realize how much time you’re saving with tech support?

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the AHCA

I posted this both on Facebook and Twitter the other day but I think it is worth repeating, especially as this forum is supposed to be about the intersection of health care and policy.

1) The AHCA (aka Trumpcare) is not law yet. The Senate still has to vote on the bill. Call your Senators and tell them how you feel.

2) The Senate may take up the House bill and vote to approve it or not. The Senate may take up their own bill.  The Senate might also make changes to the House bill, in which case it will go to a conference committee that will work out the differences between the two bills and come up with a joint resolution. This could be either good or bad depending on what you actually want health insurance coverage to look like. Again, call your Senators.

3) Call only YOUR senators. Senators from other states don’t care and you’re just going to clog the lines so their own constituents can’t call.

4) The House also passed HR 2192 – a separate bill that removes the Congressional exemptions from the AHCA. Basically, they unanimously approved a law that Congress and their staff cannot be exempt from the AHCA. (…/house-unanimously-passes-mcsall…). So let’s stop sharing that OccupyDemocrats link about Congress being exempt as that is basically fake news.

5) HR 2192 also has to be approved by the Senate. So again, call your Senators.

6) Call your Senators!!

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