How can you remember?  You made out with like… 4 guys a night!

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People readily demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice their safety and survival for the sake of something beyond themselves, such as family, country, or justice.  

~Atul Gawade in Being Mortal

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catching coins

The amount we get paid as surgical residents barely counts as a salary but… I guess it’s something.

money problems work someecards

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Sono Pronto

She may not have always been the most ardent supporter… but she’s evolved.


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The progress of medicine and public health has been an incredible boon – people get to live longer, healthier, more productive lives than ever before.  Yet traveling along these altered paths, we regard living in the downhill stretches with a kind of embarrassment.  We need help, often for long periods of time, and regard that as a weakness rather than as the new normal and expected state of affairs.  We’re always trotting out some story of a ninety-seven year old who runs marathons, as if such cases were not miracles of biological luck but reasonable expectations for all.  Then, when our bodies fail to live up to this fantasy, we feel as if we somehow have something to apologize for.

~Dr Atul Gawande in Being Mortal

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busy busy Mondays!

Hopefully you’ll have a slightly more productive day than this guy.

busy day oxygen carbon dioxide someecards

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Happy Easter!

May this Easter not contribute to the obesity epidemic – although I’m fairly certain there’s a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs somewhere with my name on it


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