DeVos vote

I know a lot of you are praising Senators Murkowski and Collins for voting against Betsy DeVos but bear in mind they both sat on the Senate committee and voted to move her nomination to the full Senate. They both admitted they planned to vote no during a full Senate vote even before her nomination moved out of committee. If she was so bad that these two voted against her in the full Senate – where was your conscience and tenacity during the committee hearings and vote?

Don’t be fooled – these two knew none of their GOP colleagues would vote against DeVos in the full Senate. Their committee vote will be forgotten. They now get to go home to their constituents, blame VP Pence for the final outcome, and say “See, look what we did to stand up against her!”

Sorry but you don’t get bonus points for doing the right thing for your country. You’re already in political office – doing the right thing is what is expected of you, not something you get a trophy for. #sorrynotsorry #DeVosvote


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