Louisiana Senate Seat

After Hillary Clinton’s electoral defeat, many of you out there noticed that there was one US Senate seat still being contested – right here in Louisiana.  I saw a lot of chatter about people donating to Democrat Foster Campbell’s campaign in the off chance that another Democrat could be elected to the US Senate.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, it looks like Foster Campbell lost.  According to preliminary votes, Kennedy received 64% of the vote while Campbell received 36%.  Yesterday’s election came after no single candidate captured a majority of the votes in Louisiana’s “jungle” primary in November.  Kennedy and Campbell were the top two finishers in that contest with 25% and 17.5% of the vote, respectively.  It bears mentioning that former KKK leader David Duke was also one of the candidates in that primary.

I guess the purpose of this post is two-fold.  For those of you who contributed money to Foster Campbell’s campaign – I’m sure Campbell appreciated it – but I would encourage you to donate an equal amount of money to causes that actually have a chance in succeeding.  Pick whichever cause you hold dear, but if I may suggest a few – Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Lambda Legal, Southern Poverty Law Center, and ACLU.

Second – just because Louisiana is a Republican stronghold doesn’t mean we should give up.  Democrats have won here before.  Finding the message that will resonate with voters here is what is needed, and focusing, channeling, and spreading that message is ultimately what is important.





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