A little post election analysis

There’s been a lot of post-election analysis on why Democrats lost.  And I’m not just talking Hillary Clinton, but also why Democrats failed to secure House, Senate, and state level positions that should have been within their reach.  I’m not going to get into the thick of it – besides I’ve previously posted on Facebook about how we need to stop calling all Trump supporters racist/bigoted/misogynistic/uneducated because that really does nothing to figure out why Democrats lost.

If you’re still wondering why or if you’re not tired of the endless analysis, I suggest you read this article from The Atlantic: Democrats Don’t Have an Easy Answer for the Rust Belt.  Pay attention in particular to this part:

Democrats “remain obsessed with cultural issues,” University of California-Hastings professor Joan C. Williams wrote, in a Harvard Business Review essay shortly after the election. “I fully understand why transgender bathrooms are important, but I also understand why progressives’ obsession with prioritizing cultural issues infuriates many Americans whose chief concerns are economic.”

Yup – pretty much. And I know some of you out there are thinking/saying “why is someone’s economic security more important than my fundamental rights?” Sadly that’s not an argument you’re going to win.  Getting people to care about your fundamental human rights – aka voting in a selfless manner – doesn’t matter much to them if they can’t support their own family. Unfair?  Absolutely.  Selfish? Yes, but it’s also realistic.

If we keep pushing a non-economic agenda, we’re going to keep getting creamed.  If we don’t figure out a way to assuage voters’ economic anxieties, there’s isn’t going to be time/room to talk about fundamental rights on a national level – because we’ll never be able to successfully push that agenda.

Is this the only answer/explanation as to why Democrats lost?  Obviously not – but it does partly explain the harsh reality of losing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


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One Response to A little post election analysis

  1. Afraid says:

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell democrats and republicans alike for years, as neither party is doing the people of this nation any favors for growth when they’ve been selling us out to China, Mexico and other parts of the world. Meanwhile in the states (both) parties are racking up tremendous amounts of dept at our expense and with less jobs, how do our “leaders” expect to gather income taxes to fund their fraudulent wars that were based solely on the outrageous lies of the Bush administrations eagerness for oil and circumvent the United States Constitution to search your computers, phones and homes whenever they see fit and without due process?

    The left and right are allowing corporations to get away without paying virtually any tax. This is effectively leaving it all up to the people to pay that have no jobs in which to pay the national dept, so both parties can further push their corporate and church masters agenda. This can be noticed through the “Patriot Act” that the Democratic and Republican Parties voted for, as well as the new laws that the republicans pushed through the legislature in the Motor City state that now has the ability to incarcerate anyone if caught having gay sex, even within the privacy of their own home. Ridiculous!

    In my state all either party has done is close manufacturing jobs to sell them overseas, and this started under the Clinton administration that said it would be good for America. Well, how nice of him. And is it good? You tell me.
    And meanwhile all either party does is point fingers at the other while America tanks. I see it before every election and how the republican leadership wants to strip us of our personal rights to freedom and liberty. And giving the banks a trillion dollars while making America a tax haven for corporate greed is not an ideal of bringing jobs here at home.

    Both parties are guilty, or why do they have a 60 majority vote on all legislative matters in the senate when the Constitution only required 51 votes? The senate also had a small panel of 6 congressional conservative members overseeing our budget when it’s the job of all the senate to oversee this was a grave mistake that both parties are guilty of, never mind how they obviously didn’t want the job handed to them, and what about the republicans that gave away the electoral college? Did the peoples vote not even matter or count? And what about the voting machines that are still showing flaws to turn votes in favor of the Republican Party in key states?

    Both parties are tanking America and I say we should throw them all out.

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