Bernie or Hillary?

I think Bernie speaks to my heart, and Hillary speaks to my head.

~Betsy Burtis, resident of Derry, NH

I think this is the conundrum as well as the guiding principle for a lot of liberal voters.  I think it also explains why Bernie is more popular with younger voters while Hillary tends to grab the older vote.

Let’s be honest – from a liberal perspective, Bernie Sanders represents the dream candidate.  Almost everything he stands for is a liberal ideal.  Sanders represents what we as liberals want out of our country and out of our government.  We want equal rights, we want to reduce income inequality, we want the little guy to have a fighting chance.  We’re tired of Wall Street running our government.

But to many, Bernie’s ideals are too pie in the sky.  Given the currently hostile Congress, a lot of Bernie’s proposals are unlikely to gain much legislative traction.  As Ms Burtis points out, Hillary speaks to progress that may actually be possible.  Ms Clinton aligns much more closely with President Obama and has continually touted the idea that as a country we need to preserve the changes that Obama has made.  Clearly, she is less liberal than Bernie, but her slightly more conservative nature does speak to rationality.

So the real question for those of you out there who haven’t yet decided – do you vote with your heart or with your mind?  And if your candidate doesn’t win the primary, will you support the other one?


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