jerk of the week

It is surprisingly hard to pick only one jerk of the week, especially given the antics at the Republican Presidential Primary debate, but this one actually hails from Instagram.  Note: I have no particular affinity to Solange Knowles – I cant say I’ve ever really listened to any of her music, and I dont really have an opinion either way.

Apparently Solange posted a picture of herself and her son on her Instragram account (@saintrecords).  At least one Insta user decided to respond with:

@alexandriaaaf: “So cute but at the same time he ugly”

As you can imagine, Solange responded like any proud mama would do (you can see her response below – it’s actually quite tame and for that alone she gets props) but here’s the thing I don’t quite understand…

Who are these people who feel the need to unnecessarily troll other people?  So what if you think Solange’s son is ugly – why do you feel the need to say that on Solange’s Instagram?  Why do you care? Go ahead and have that quiet thought to yourself or even mention it to your judgmental bff – it still makes you a jerk but at least it’s not out loud and in public.  What did tearing down Solange’s son gain @alexandriaaaf (aside from the current media attention)?



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One Response to jerk of the week

  1. BosGuy Blog says:

    Classy response to someone without any class.

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