Why it’s time to stop thinking only “pink”

This year, “pinkwashing” has seemed to reach epic proportions, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief as October draws to a close.  It’s not that I don’t care about breast cancer; on the contrary.  The color pink on the other hand… well you can read about my personal feelings toward “pink” icons everywhere all the time.

If that’s not enough to convince you though, consider this.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States each year – more deaths than from all other cancers combined. In 2011, the least year that the American Heart Association made data available, women made up more than 50% of all fatalities from heart disease.  Women are more likely than men to die in the year following a heart attack.

Similarly – the number one cause of deaths from cancer among women in the United States isn’t breast cancer.  It’s lung cancer. Even though breast cancer is diagnosed nearly three times as often as lung cancer in US women, more women die from lung cancer each year.

And how about this one?

October also happens to be National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Each year, some 230,000+ women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  1.3 million women are assaulted each year by their relationship partners.  One in eight women will suffer from breast cancer in her lifetime.  One in four women will experience domestic violence.

But good luck finding any of the above statistics on a Yoplait yogurt lid this month.


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the ramblings of a medical professional by day, judgmental ginger by night
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