the fight continues… part 2

It’s almost like Huffington Post read my blog piece titled “the fight continues….” and then decided to write an article about what other LGBT rights still need to be won (assuming the Supreme Court rules for marriage equality).

You can check out the article here, but here’s the short list…

1. Workplace discrimination

2. Lack of gender-neutral restrooms in public places

3. Gay conversion therapy

4. Housing discrimination

5. Acceptance in sports, politics, entertainment, business and more

6. Health risks, and education about how to lower them

7. Restrictions on gay men giving blood

8. Jury selection

9. Transgender military service

10. Youth homelessness

11. Adoption, custody, surrogacy and other parenting issues

12. Discrimination of youth in foster care

13. Violence

14. Placement and treatment of trans people in prisons and immigrant detention centers

15. Discrimination in jails and prisons

16. Suicide


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the ramblings of a medical professional by day, judgmental ginger by night
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