thinking about medical school?

There are a ton of websites out there for medical students and those who are pondering the plunge into the world of medicine, like Student-Doctor.  But if you’ve been thinking about going to medical school, or perhaps you’re already a medical student and wondering what life is like on clinical rotations or as a resident, you may want to check out Medical School Headquarters.

Med School HQ was started by a friend of mine and former co-resident.  The idea behind the site is to take relevant pre-med and medical school topics and create a one-stop shop for information gathering.  There are forums where you can pose questions ranging in topic from practice questions for interviews to how to answer those tough secondary application essay to getting letters or recommendation.  Ryan and Allison host monthly office hours to have your questions answered in real time, and have interviewed residents and attendings in a variety of specialties to give you an idea of what the job entails.  You can save money on Kaplan and Princeton Review materials, listen to their podcasts… they even offer a service to review your personal statement!

Unlike SDN, is the work of physicians, designed to guide applicants through the admissions process, the MCAT and the AMCAS application.


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