Marriage Equality hits the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court today announced that it plans to take up cases regarding bans on marriage for same-sex couples, ultimately meaning that the Court will decide  whether the U.S. Constitution allows for states to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples by denying them the right to marry or refusing to recognize the same-sex marriages performed in jurisdictions where they are legal.

The four cases are from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, where the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned lower court rulings that struck down the states’ marriage bans.   The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in November is the only time a federal appeals court had ruled in favor of state marriage bans.

supreme court marriage equality


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One Response to Marriage Equality hits the Supreme Court

  1. BosGuy Blog says:

    Three words: Bring It On.

    I’m so tired of the other sides barely concealed homophobic linguistics and illogical arguments. I hope this debate fractures the entire Republican Party Presidential primary.

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