A time to start again…

Writing a good New Year’s Eve post is tough work.  Sometimes it’s difficult because it requires one to reflect on painful memories from the past year.  Or it’s hard because there’s not much to reflect on in the first place.  Often it’s difficult because the past year was so good that one wonders how the next year could possibly be as good or better.

This probably wont be any one of those posts.

It’s no secret that I love New Year’s Eve – I mean, I have an entire tag on the blog dedicated to it.  I’m always astonished by people who don’t like it – though most of them can’t put their finger on why they don’t enjoy the holiday.  Most of the time their complaints surround the need to find a good activity for NYE, either attending or hosting a great party.  I think there’s a lot of residual stress from Christmas that gets dumped on New Years as well.  Maybe the problem is that all of them are reflecting on a painful year.  It’s not hard to do after all; we’ve all had events in our lives that have challenged the very core of our being and make it hard to remember the good that occurred. Whatever it may be, there are a lot of people who don’t like the holiday… and I can’t for the life of me understand any of them.

But the beauty of New Year’s Eve is that there’s actually zero pressure involved.  New Year’s Eve isn’t about reliving the past year, it’s about looking forward to the next one.  It’s not about finding the best party plans – even just popping open a bottle of wine and sitting on the couch is good enough (although I recommend watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin if that’s what you choose to do).  New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the year to come and relaxing and letting the past year go.  Because tonight, all you need to do is remember that tomorrow is a clean slate, a new start, and a new journey.  It’s a new chapter in the book that is your life.  January 1st is a clean, blank page of a 365 page chapter, so breathe deep tonight… and then go out and write a good chapter tomorrow.


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