Preventing cancer

When we were growing up, our mothers often told us that we are what we eat.  Well, it turns out that some of us are apparently eating cancer.

The Atlantic made my job incredibly easy when they posted an article yesterday about America’s poor health habits and the association with cancer.  The article cites the American Association for Cancer Research’s new cancer progress report, which noted that roughly 50% of the 585,720 projected cancer deaths in the United States this year are related to preventable behaviors, with smoking being the biggest culprit.  But poor diet and sedentary lifestyles accounted for nearly one third of preventable cancer deaths.

The good news?  Smoking rates in the United States continue to decline, and smoking related cancers also seem to be on the decline.  Obesity rates, however, continue to climb in the US – and their associated cancers are also increasing.  Not to mention that smoking and obesity are synergistic – in combination, the two habits increase the risk for cancer.

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