The World Cup of viewers

The World Cup is currently going on down in Brazil, no better time to update the top countries for all-time!  I’ve stopped listing the top viewers for the week as the numbers rapidly diminish for after you get out of the top 5.

For all-time: Minor changes in the all-time viewer list but some interesting ones nonetheless.  The big gainer was Switzerland (up 3) while Greece fell hard, down 4 spots.  Indonesia rallied back on the list to rejoin the Asian-Pacific group, which had consistent representation with Philippines (down 1), New Zealand (no change), Singapore (down 2) and Malaysia (up 2).  The Latin Contingent held with Mexico gaining one spot, although not even the World Cup could keep Brazil from sliding two spots and out of the top 20. Once again, Scandinavia was fully represented, with Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden all in the top 30.  The Eastern Bloc lost Croatia but remained with Romania moving up one while Poland continued its slide by falling two.

I hope you all are enjoying the World Cup soccer (football) action and thank you once again for viewing the blog!

All Time:

  1. United States
  2. Canada United Kingdom
  3. United Kingdom Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. South Africa
  8. India France
  9. France India
  10. Belgium
  11. Sweden
  12. Philippines Mexico
  13. Mexico Philippines
  14. Italy
  15. New Zealand
  16. Spain Denmark
  17. Denmark Spain
  18. Ireland
  19. Brazil Malaysia
  20. Singapore Switzerland
  21. Malaysia Brazil
  22. Greece Singapore
  23. Switzerland Finland
  24. Norway Austria
  25. Austria Norway
  26. Poland Greece
  27. Finland Indonesia (tied with Greece)
  28. Croatia Poland
  29. Turkey Romania
  30. Romania United Arab Emirates

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