Golden Globes drinking game

You may remember that I posted a bunch of drinking games during the Presidential debates.  Well, the folks over at E! have come up with their own drinking game for tonight’s Golden Globes.  You probably won’t need any alcohol to pee your pants because the Globes are being hosted (again!) by the hilarious Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but in case you’re sipping a cocktail (or two) tonight and don’t have to work tomorrow, here is the official E! drinking game. (For the record, TIME also has it’s own version… but that’s some hardcore drinking.)

Take one sip if:
-You get physically upset at any point during the show because you aren’t BFFs with Amy and Tina.
-You witness a good photo bomb from someone not realizing they’re on TV.
-Someone gets played off.
-Someone is noticeably drunk.
-Someone jokes about not being able to joke about 12 Years a Slave.
-Someone mentions the nudity on Girls.
-Netflix shout-out!
-Amy Poehler does a bit about her faux-rival Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
-From the podium, a winner tells their kids to go to bed.
-A person cries from the podium.
-Someone mentions Harvey Weinstein (this one is adapted from Fey and Poehler’s very own drinking game).
Take two sips if:
-Someone tries to joke about 12 Years a Slave and it doesn’t work.
-Jennifer Lawrence says something charming.
-A winner is absent.
-Someone jokes about the nudity/vulgarity of Wolf of Wall Street.
-Someone jokes about the nudity/vulgarity of Girls.
-There’s just a voice talking, à la Her.
Take three sips if:
Breaking Bad wins any awards. It’s predicted, but it’s also cause for celebration!
-Someone tries to joke about 12 Years a Slave and it somehow works.
-Someone trips on their way to the stage.
-Someone in the audience is a punchline and they don’t look happy about it. (Never forget.)
Finish your bottle if:
-Tina and Amy sing a song about boobs…but this time, from outer space.

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One Response to Golden Globes drinking game

  1. BosGuy Blog says:

    Wish I had seen this before the show started, hiccup.

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