Red Sox Victory Parade

There is a place deep in the heart of Boston.  It is a place we normally associate with triumph, a place that has been traversed by thousands.  It is a place where people from all over the world stand in anticipation, waiting to cheer on their friends, family, and loved ones.  A place where applause is abundant, words of encouragement; a place where we laud endurance, courage, and athleticism.

It is a place that was tarnished just six months ago.  A place that was defiled by the actions of a cowardly duo.  A scene of fear, despair, sadness, and tragedy.  A place that was scarred.  A place that tested the strength of our city, showcased how strong Bostonians can be, and highlighted our ability to reach out, help out, and band together.  It is a place that has healed over time.

That place is, of course, the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  And today, it was restored to its rightful place, thanks to the Boston Red Sox.  And as predicted by our President, there would be a time “when the Sox and Celtics and Patriots or Bruins are champions again, to the chagrin of New York and Chicago fans, and the crowds will gather and watch a parade go down Boylston Street.”

Congrats to the boys in the beards. Thanks for making out city whole again. #BostonStrong #RedSoxNation #WorldSeriesChampions

red sox world series victory parade


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