the state of primary care

having trouble finding a doctor? this might explain why…



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3 Responses to the state of primary care

  1. annienpaulmom says:

    I know that we both know a PCP who has pointed this out before…..

  2. sqhc says:

    Reblogged this on Students for Quality Health Care and commented:
    it’s old news that there is a shortage of PCPs in the United States. Here’s a great infographic of some of the contributing factors…

  3. Primary care is pivotal to a good health care system. Two facts that concern me: 1)the most common reason people see a primary care doctors is a skin problem (e.g. acne and diaper rash) the second most common reason is muscle and joint aches and pains – both problems that don’t require 8 years of medical training to diagnose and treat and 2) the slow adoption of nurse practitioners and PA’s by health systems and group practices to fill the obvious manpower gap.

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