proud of my alma mater (x2)

This weekend marked the culmination of my graduate education as I accepted my Masters in Public Health degree from my undergrad alma mater, Boston University.  The university hosted its campus wide graduation ceremony on Sunday, with keynote speaker and founder of Teach For America Wendy Kopp and honorary degree recipients Morgan Freeman and Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

With nearly 6,700 graduates, Boston University’s commencement ceremony is the city’s largest each year.  On such a joyous occasion, President Robert Brown stopped and reflected on what has been a trying year for the university.  Since last spring, Boston University has lost 11 students in a series of tragedies including an apartment fire, a biking accident, and the Boston Marathon bombings.  Each of these tragedies struck hard for a large urban school that often lacks the sense of community feeling that is far more common for smaller colleges and universities with a backdrop of rolling green hills and ivy-covered halls.

I’m incredibly proud of my alma mater for awarding posthumous degrees to two of those students who would have graduated this year.  A world class move Boston University; classy indeed.


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3 Responses to proud of my alma mater (x2)

  1. nades3 says:

    Congrats!! I found my Public Health immensely useful and eye-opening for my care of patients! Good for you for recognizing the importance of population-size change toward healthy living!

  2. sqhc says:

    Reblogged this on Students for Quality Health Care and commented:
    Boston University makes a super classy move and awards degrees posthumously to Binland Lee (died in an apartment fire in Allston) and Lu Lingzi (one of the three people killed in the Boston Marathon bombing)

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