The race for Boston mayor

The race to become Boston’s next mayor is heating up quickly.  Two dozen candidates have announced bids to run for the position that Mayor Tom Menino will be leaving next year.  The next mayor of Boston will be one of the 24 people below who signed up for nomination papers,  but signing up for signature papers is a far cry from becoming an official candidate. Campaigns must gather 3,000 valid signatures by 5 p.m. May 21. Voters can sign multiple nomination papers, but a signature will only count for the first campaign that submits it to City Hall.

boston mayor candidates 1 boston mayor candidates 2I’m certainly happy to see a healthy amount of minority representation among this crowd, although there is no Asian candidate – odd considering almost 10% of Boston’s population is Asian.  But more striking to to me is the three women out of 24 candidates.  Women account for 52% of the city’s population, and 30% of businesses in Boston are owned by women.  Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that women have made a lot of headway?  This field of candidates might suggest otherwise…

On a positive note, one of the lead stories in today’s Boston Globe is about some powerful supporters rallying behind Charlotte Golar Richie.


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