lose some weight Boston

Whether you knew it or not, Mayor Tom Menino issued the city of Boston a challenge in April of last year.  His goal?  To have the residents of the city shed more than 1 million pounds in a year.  An ambitious goal to say the least, especially for a city that already ranked fifth on Men’s Health‘s list of fittest cities in America.  Bostonians are no where near that goal, unfortunately, as collectively the city has lost less than 96,000 pounds.  Thankfully, we still have a month to go…

The challenge also asks for residents to walk 10 million miles in a year (running also counts); the city is doing much better with that goal, currently clocked in at just under 8.3 million miles walked.

The initiative is known as Boston Moves for Health, and the mayor’s goal was to reduce the effects of the obesity epidemic on our citizens, and in particular on children.  Check out the website and register – you can track your weight loss and get personalized fitness tips.  And if you lose some weight, you can bring us a little closer to our 1 million pound goal.


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