Angels of Light (FWAL)

After visiting Cite Soleil, we returned to our camp and ate lunch.  Sensing that we needed something to restore our spirits, one of the other volunteers Bridget (also INCREDIBLY helpful during my time in Haiti) offered to take us over to FWAL.  I must have made the Scooby Do face because Bridget began to explain.

FWAL stands for Father Wasson Angels of Light.  The Angels of Light program began in Haiti shortly after the earthquake in 2010.  FWAL initially started in the days after the earthquake out of tents, as a place for some of the children from St Damien’s to go and get away from the misery and destruction and to grab a bite to eat.  Over time, it became clear that some of these children had become orphaned by the earthquake.  The program has grown considerably during that time and now also houses an elementary school, which is also attended by children in the community.  Many of the kids at FWAL will eventually move to the larger orphanage in Kenscoff as they grow older.

We had a chance to take a tour and meet some of the kids at FWAL.  It was right after lunch time, so they were rambunctious.  I have to say they were very well behaved and helped clean up after lunch.  Despite their situation, they genuinely seemed incredibly happy.

The more time I spent with this organization in Haiti, the more amazed and inspired I became.  To think that just a few people put their minds together and thought – let’s create an orphanage.  But let’s not just create and orphanage, let’s give these kids an education too.  And feed them from the bakery (boulanjri) that we also run next door at Francisville.  In fact, FWAL provides a meal to every child that attends school there.  Oh, and their uniforms are also made at the “atelye” at Francisville, which employs locals to make the uniforms.  GENIUS.

Forgive me for sounding sappy, but sometimes with all of the bad news we are constantly bombarded with from the world – it’s easy to forget that there are genuinely good things happening out there too.  I left FWAL that day feeling good about everything that was happening here, helping to negate some of the sadness observed while in Cite Soleil.

Prepare for a cute bomb.


yes, those are Crocs they are wearing

my new friend at FWAL

my new friend at FWAL

these kids knew a surprising amount about iPhones

these kids knew a surprising amount about iPhones



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