the year of marriage equality?

The past two weeks have seen the introduction of marriage equality bills in both Illinois and Rhode Island.  After the stunning wins for marriage equality of last year’s election in Maine, Maryland, and Washington – one has to wonder if this is the year for marriage equality.

The fight in Illinois has an interesting ally, and I’m not talking about Jessie Tyler Ferguson.  In fact, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party is also calling on GOP lawmakers to pass marriage equality in the state.  Though the bill made it out of committee last week, it hit a snafu without enough votes to bring the measure to vote on the Senate floor.  The bill now stands in limbo, although many believe that Illinois will be the next state to approve marriage equality.

In the meantime, bills were introduced in both the House and the Senate in Rhode Island – the only state in New England to not have marriage equality.  The success of these measures is less clear in Rhode Island, a state that is heavily Catholic.  But perhaps Rhode Island will follow her New England neighbors in defining history.


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