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I realized that I’ve recently added quite a few links on my blog roll – and yet havent really mentioned them or given credit to the writers.  So here goes…

The most recent addition is “Diary of a Boy Next Door” written by my friend Craig Licchi.  In his blog, Craig honestly and openly admits to some very painful and difficult childhood experiences and the effects these events have had on his adult life.  Craig tells a no holds barred story about growing up unsure of one’s identity and how that translates into insecurities and doubts as one ages.

Iustitia Poetica” is written by my good friend Desiree Akhavan and features her intricate and thought provoking poetry.  This girl certainly has a talent for writing.

Ramblings of a Former Genius” is penned by my baby girl, Janiece Davis.  Although she hasnt written many posts yet, Janiece has certainly opened up her vulnerable side as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.  I can only hope that she will continue to post as her journey evolves.

Ah yes, plans” is the story about how one woman’s plans to become a doctor were shattered by illness and the journey her life has taken after leaving medical school, living and coping with her disease, and her triumphant return to medical school.  Ah yes, plans is written by one of my followers, and I’ve enjoyed reliving my medical school years through her blog – both the good and the bad memories.  I’m also incredibly jealous of her blog’s format!

Ups-a-daisy” is the wonderful creation from one of my Masters in Public Health classmates Jessica Cogan.  Jessica started her blog when her required internship for the MPH took her all the way to Kenya for fieldwork.  Jessica laments in her blog that her ADD makes her writing difficult, but if anything I feel it enhances her syntax and truly brings her stories to life.  I hope she too will continue to blog in a post-Kenya reality.

Last but not least, “ENIXVW” is the masterpiece of my great friend and the incredibly talented Maxine Blomberg.  ENIXVW is a virtual gallery of Maxine’s work, and let’s just agree that this girl knows how to draw!  You can also find Maxine at her day job in at Greenlight Cafe in the South End, where she renders new drawings in chalk on a mostly weekly basis.


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One Response to worthy blogs

  1. ahyesplans says:

    I’m honored I made it on here!! I’ll have to check out these other blogs. You know, in all the spare time I have in med school now. First exams are next week and while I’m not quite close to pulling my hair out, I foresee that happening over the weekend. I’m not even gunning- just trying to pass!! I want to make sure they didn’t make a clerical error in admitting me…

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