Ryan Medicare Tweets

So I was reading some of the twats on the Twitter and stumbled on a few about Representative Ryan’s Medicare Plan.  The first inspired a litany of responses, many of which were equally funny.

@lizzwinstead:Groupon will administer the Ryan Medicare plan.

@CarmanK1: @lizzwinstead that’s it, clip the health care coupon and go shopping. Not to worry, one size fits all and we know how FAIR the free mkt is.

@VisibleSoul: @lizzwinstead RYAN: “Here’s a coupon for an insurance that doesn’t and will never exist. Now sink or swim, granny.”

@abhdrew: @lizzwinstead & evry citizen to rcv the game Operation 4 self diagnosis & self treatmt, hey we cuttin costs here right!what could go wrong?


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the ramblings of a medical professional by day, judgmental ginger by night
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One Response to Ryan Medicare Tweets

  1. BosGuy Blog says:

    J – these are hilarious.

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