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Improving health care access will increase costs

Back in July, New York Times columnist Aaron Carroll wrote a great piece for the newspaper’s Upshot blog titled “Why Improving Access to Health Care Does Not Save Money.”  It’s a great piece, and one that even the most ardent … Continue reading

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When we are silent about HIV, or stigmatize those who have it, we encourage and induce the spread of the epidemic. ~David Furnish

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World AIDS Day

December 1st marks World AIDS Day each year, a day that reminds the world of the incredible success in fighting this disease as well as the challenges that remain.  Despite amazing advances, there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and … Continue reading

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Complex Systems

Anyone who understands systems will know immediately that optimizing parts is not a good route to system excellence.…We connect the engine of a Ferrari, the brakes of a Porsche, the suspension of a BMW, the body of a Volvo. What … Continue reading

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the art of surgery

Surgery is a profession defined by its authority to cure by means of bodily invasion. The brutality and risks of opening a living person’s body have long been apparent, the benefits only slowly and haltingly worked out. ~Atul Gawande, MD, … Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about Ebola

As a physician and a public health advocate, you would think I’d have plenty to write about the Ebola outbreak.  To be honest, the whole situation has left me rather uninspired, mainly due to the ridiculous hysteria surrounding the disease … Continue reading

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your risk of catching Ebola

Some people out there still don’t seem to realize that your individual risk of contracting Ebola is extraordinarily low unless you come into contact with an infected individual (which is why health care workers are at such high risk). That … Continue reading

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