Well hi, hey there, and hello… and welcome to my blog!

I first started this blog back in 2003 as a private outlet for my thoughts and feelings about occurrences in my personal life, a place that I could “spill my guts” and not let anyone know.  It was essentially my private journal, mainly because I didnt give anyone the web address!

The blog has slowly evolved to be less about my personal life and more about the world around me as I see it.  The blog has followed me from Boston to Chicago and back to Boston.  Here you’ll find a running stream of my thoughts, opinions, and feelings as well as the ridiculous stuff I hear people (read: my friends and I) say or write.  For those of you who know me, this is the place where I put down everything that I don’t say out loud (I know, you would think that would be rather limited but it’s not).  Enjoy!  Oh, and if a particular post speaks to you, leave a comment or like it.  I enjoy hearing your thoughts too!  Thanks for stopping by!

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