Well, the folks at the Washington Post are at it again.  In advance of Valentine’s Day, Will Feltus and Mike Shannon published a piece regarding the correlation between candy consumption and politics.  You may recall that the Post recently described the correlation between alcohol brand and politics.

The authors admit that there doesn’t seem to be too much correlation or an obvious connection between candy types and partisanship.  Maybe because candy brands aren’t seen as an expression of values, unlike a car (think hybrids vs gas guzzler) or a fast food chain (Cracker Barrel or Chick-Fil-a).  There were some differences though.  Democrats tend to prefer their candy be filled with extras like almonds, raisins and rice, while Republicans are more likely to favor peanuts, creamy fillings and darker chocolate.

One think that was crystal clear?  There was one brand that seemed to have something for everyone in the political spectrum: M&Ms. 

Check out the graph below and see where your candy preferences put you.  I have to say that I don’t necessarily agree with this one as much.  But at least we can all agree on M&Ms of some variety.

politics and candy choices

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