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I’m not normally one to get into a Twitter war with people, but I am all about defending my views. So when I read this tweet (which a follower retweeted) post DOMA decision, I couldnt help myself.

gay marriage equality shoved in face tweetI’m sorry that your life is ruined because marriage equality is being shoved in your face.  I’m sure all the LGBT folks out there who constantly have heteronormative culture shoved in their face love knowing that until yesterday they were considered second class citizens.  Which I’m pretty sure is what I tweeted back yesterday.

Naturally it took her a day to respond back, at which point she told me that the Bible says so.  We then traded jabs about scripture from the Bible, during which I was told that the Old Testament doesn’t matter and that modern Christians are taught to follow the New Testament because Jesus “came back and fixed it”.  So apparently we’re just throwing out the Old Testament entirely, although she then countered with the age old god “would have made Adam and Steve” argument – which correct me if I’m wrong is from the Old Testament…

For the record, just because I support marriage equality, doesn’t mean I need a lesson on what’s written in the Bible.  I was raised Catholic – I know what’s written in the “Good Book”.

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