So my good friend and fellow blogger BosGuy (yes you should read his blog too) mentioned the website Hotties on the T the other day on his blog.  I commented that I wasnt sure which came first, HottiesontheT or BostonTCrush.com (this could easily be solved by seeing who has the oldest post, but really… why bother?).  Well, much to my surprise today, someone viewed my blog from Hotties on the T – and it turns out that BosGuy got an honorable mention, and we are both now on their official blogroll!  Woohoo!

So if you see a hottie on the T (sorry peeps, they only accept pictures of men), make sure to snap a photo with your cellular and send a head’s up to BostonTCrush.  I dont think Hotties on the T accepts submissions, but be sure to check out both sites!  You might find yourself on there next!

You can find all three websites on my blogroll or listed here for your comfort and pleasure:




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